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    Hi Matt! What a coincidence, U2works for you! You should put it on your site :-)

    Squared seems questionable at best. It will be interesting to see what Google will be able to draw out of this. Maybe they’ll give us export to Excel or docs. That would be cool.

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    Haha, I did the SEO search when I first tested it too, barely any results. Ran a few queries through and then added some tabs to see what other info was indexed. Most interesting to me was seeing address and/or phone information appearing in the tabs.

  • http://www.youfoundjake.com youfoundjake

    I tried out a basic search, for meta robots to see if it would compile the options that can be used, not bad..

  • jessmca

    Sounds really interesting – does anybody know how you submit your site listings to Google Squared?

  • http://www.them.pro SEOChina

    is there anything to do to appear in Google Squared? or the results are taken from Google database?