• DrLeiGage

    They also should add the ability to edit and pick different route options such as fastest shortest and favorite routes. That’s if you use the built in Navigation on your Android phone. Not to mention aside off Wayz Navigation app. All other applications that offers Nav wants you pay for it. And if you do, you get the same or in some cases less of what Google Maps and Navigation have. Apple should of worked a deal where the Maps application was at the level of what you find on the phone such as the Samson Galaxy Nexus. (It’s part of the reason why I didn’t buy the galaxy s 3), because it’s all to Mainly is smaller versions of what my phone is minus a few tweaks kind of like the new iPhone 5 a stretched out version of the 4s with dated tweaks. And as always apple will release an s or some kinda model of the same body with supposed internal upgrades. It would only be smart for Apple to stop trying to be the best when in actuality they loss that fight back when the 3Gs came out, it’s about time everybody start working together and let’s the consumer pick up the phone and carrier that best works for them. But I do love Google Maps on Nexus mostly because you can actually use it and a intuitive friendly manner.

  • jnffarrell1

    I know nothing, but it seems to me if Google knows every street view from iPhones requests for data then Apples objective of cutting Google off from gaining valuable knowledge is kaput.