• http://seoblog.intrapromote.com Erik

    Barry – note that the unopened letter was sent from RSA to the Rip-Off Report — not to Google.

    I was curious as to why Google would return a letter unopened, but it makes much more sense that the Rip-Off Report would return it unopened, as the guy can be reasonably sure of a letter’s contents. :)

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    And the Daily Telegraph has sued Google and Yahoo! for crawling their content (when all they had to do was update their robots.txt file to disallow the crawlers).

  • savage

    Now the total bad press for this contractor is far greater than before.

    Hopefully, someone offering (serp) reputation management services is mining rip off report for potential customers.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Thanks, Erik — we fixed that. Michael, the Telegraph is hinting at suing, no doubt trying to play the game of the Belgian newspapers to pressure for some deal. Ironically, I believe the Telegraph has employed people who help optimize their listings in search engines (something the current editor might not be aware of). That will make any court battle much fun.

  • mooreseo

    I agree with savage- now everyone knows about this company and his bad reputation. I also found the background on the kinderstart story very interesting including the fact that they are accusing Google of being in violation of the Free Speech Act, yet demanding that Google ban other sites… can anyone say double standard?

  • Fionn

    The Ripped Off Report is not exactly a credible “consumer advocate” as he calls himself. His own reputation is not exactly good in Google try a search for “ED Magedson” If I were RSA I would use that to discredit the report rather than taking on Google. It does’nt make any sense to take on Google.