• http://braddlibby.wordpress.com Bradd Libby

    Google has been testing this now for several weeks, at least. (Google Offering Partial Suggestions)

    Whether or not you see this feature seems to depend on which browser you are using. For example, I have seen it with Safari, but never with Firefox.

  • http://www.blindfiveyearold.com ajkohn

    This is an interesting test since it might have an impact on the distribution of terms. The current Instant interface may reduce the number of long-tail or mid-tail terms because people are becoming habituated to selecting one of the autocomplete terms.

    So a word autocomplete might make it more acceptable for people to move further out on the tail. If this test is successful and rolled out, you might find more specific queries finding traction. And Google may be better able to populate the primary autocomplete based on these new searches.