• http://www.mesothelioma-aid.org mesothelioma

    I just logged into a couple AdWords accounts, and I’m not seeing number either, just colored bars.

    It would be an awesome tool if Google starts showing this information, though.

  • http://www.adamap.com AP

    I agree, they should include this info!

  • http://semsamurai.blogspot.com/ sem samurai

    I believe it’s been in limited trial since January 23rd. Very cool.

  • thomkennon

    Interestingly, if you download the kw terms to a csv file, it includes a score (0-3?) for ‘february search volume’ as well as a score (0-5?) for ‘advertiser competition’.

    It’s a start, but actual previous month search volume would be very welcome indeed, coming from Google.