• Pat Grady

    “doesn’t outright blame China for the issue”
    Eventually, any victim must be willing to name their attacker, or justice eludes us all.

  • http://twitter.com/tebie_ Tobias Dokken

    I live in China and this happ

  • Lin Xue


  • Allen Leung

    Hi,Ilm from Guangdong province,China.I have to say,the Great Fire Wall is very disgusting.But I stick to using Google but disgusting Baidu.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=561608384 Hewitt Pratt

    Interesting that the kill switch is thrown by two consecutive, innocuous searches (KFC > McD).  So not only are some topics off limits (the Dalai Lama, eg) but a certain level of inquisitiveness — more than one search per 90 seconds — is disallowed. Damn.

  • dv0xxuk2

    Doesn’t surprised me at all, considering China is pretty much aggressive in everything they do from fake stuff to world dominance.

  • Jonny Greenwood

    Hi, I am a Chinese. You situation is caused by the Government’s Fire Wall, even your ISP provider also can’t control it, because the providers are controlled by government. 

    You can use Google’s GoAgent app to visit google.com, facebook, or twitter. There won’t be any interruption.

  • KramerEdward77

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