• http://twitter.com/BeckyLehmann Rebecca Lehmann

    This actually kinda sucks for me since I’ve been using it as a search trend listening post loaded up with Google Insights for Search widgets. Any suggestions for alternatives are welcome!

  • JAKE671

    will the classic google home page still be available? I put all my widgets in bookmark bar files and no longer use igoogle. Google is not giving enough information as to how one can stay with google after igoogle goes.

  • IndigoRed

    With all the ad nauseum jack sh*t changes requiring complete trashing of systems and data migration, I’m about to give up on the information age as just one big waste of time and energy and stock up on paper and Bic pens.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deadfraggle Chad Bertrand

    Google is totally disregarding that advantage of iGoogle is that you can use it on whatever computer you happen to be in front of, regardless of the browser, and always get the same customized front page.  I’m with Rebecca.  This sucks.

  • newyorker_1

    what’s next? Picasa Web Albums, Google Glass…It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to choose Google products or services because it is very likely the service will be shut down. 

  • Henk Boon

    for me if iGoogle stops i will go look for an other one but it wont be chrome 

  • TmWe

    Dear Bing,

    Please make a page where I can see some feeds, some news, the time, a calendar and a search box.

    If you do, then I am all yours.

  • perilun

    Back to the little guys (or maybe a new little guy) that can focus … or maybe a RSS happy WordPress theme and I will do it myself! … the Google folks always ignore simple suggestions.  Hopefully they are not betting on +.

  • BroncoBro

    I agree.  I wasted way too much f*ck-ing time on Facebook chasing their constant modifications, so I ditched it.  Ditto with Google.  I just set up a start page using iWeb on my MAC.  I put a list of places I go all the time, a calendar, clock, a button to my mail and a weather gadget.  I’m done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.harskamp Peter Harskamp
  • dan jeffers

    Seems poorly thought out. iGoogle is my primary source of engagement with all the other Google products I use. I will likely still use many of them, but not as a default anymore. Not sure what I’ll use to fill that void, though.

  • http://twitter.com/ajpalma Alex Palma

     Irony in having a Facebook page to save a dying Google product?

  • wynden

    With that in mind, I suspect it’s just a ploy to bump up Chrome and Android usage.

  • alkalitta

    no longer use google  it sucks

  • steve70638

    Somehow they are going to have a replacement tied to Google +….everything at Google is finding a way to twist everyone’s arm into using G+.

  • steve70638

    Picassa is now tied to Google +, check!  Everything is tied to twisting arms to get people to use G+.  I am sure there will be an igoogle substitute tied to G+, just wait.