• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    This will be a disaster for the user experience. People have been educated to expect relatively few news results in Google’s Web search and to look instead through News Search for recent articles.

    Now all that changes and we can expect news stories to be given artificial prominence simply because they are news stories, thus diluting what are already mediocre search results.

  • http://ravikarandeekar.blogspot.com/ Ravi Karandeekar

    Sorry, i think, i didn’t get it.
    “News will be the part of the search results; no more separate at the top.” Right?
    Now tell me, what will happen to those blogs in my niche,real estate blogs, which only republish the news from the news papers? Who will get the preference in the search results, original news paper or republishing blog?
    It will be a good news for my blog, Ravi Karandeekar’s Pune Real Estate Blog, because i am focusing on giving original news and/or my editorial comments!
    Am i getting it right?

  • http://www.socialpatterns.com Michael Nguyen

    Sounds like a bad move on Google’s part – we don’t need anymore news entries in the normal web results. Take the “doubleclick” search as an example, there are already 3 results in the top 10 that are news articles (2 from slashdot and 1 from CNET new). Do we really need more?

  • melek

    Hi Chris,

    hakia has been mixing news results with Web search results since last fall. Check out our blog entry: http://blog.hakia.com/?p=87

    Please play with the search engine, http://www.hakia.com, and let us know what you think!


    COO of hakia

  • http://www.seekxl.de/blog/2007/04/22/google-integriert-news-in-suchergebnisse/ seekXL

    @ ravi … you getting right, but Google must have the solution for this problem.