• chaucd

    unti Sopa …….. I love Google.

  • Melinda

    If Google joined in, with YouTube be down?? That’s just about the most important protest ground available. Do it, Google! Blackout YOUTUBE!

  • http://asimpledropofwater.blogspot.com/ Karthik Sivasubramaniam

    @Melinda I don’t think so.. Wikipedia’s approach is best for itself, because it’s the most reliable information site. If SOPA is to become a reality tomorrow, Wikipedia is now showing a glimpse of what people will experience then. But Google’s way should be different. I don’t think people will feel lost just because they can’t see a video on Youtube for a day. On the other hand, almost every US citizen who has internet connection looks at the Google’s home page. Imagine the click throughs and conversions. This is best for Google.