• http://www.facebook.com/guilherme.m.borges Guilherme Marques Borges

    When you decide to be relevant to your client, usually you won’t do anything like that, on the campaigns I do, there was never such thing.

  • http://www.esocialmedia.com Jerry Nordstrom

    Its odd, Google has many adwords rules that come with the threat of the business equivellent to the death penalty – cancelling your account, but rarely does Google ever police or enforce the rules. Link Abuse, multiple account abuse, false and deceptive ads, on and on… So I wonder what the tipping point was here to make them take action? I hardly see any benefit to offering sitelinks all going to the same content, outside of grabbing a bit more SER real estate?

  • Justin Sous

    What’s also odd about this change is that if you look at site links data, rarely do the site links get clicked on. Users still click on the ad copy/headlines at a much higher rate.