• http://omadsense.com Omadsense

    Interesting, for that googles knows they still can’t do it right. Considering that it’s almost impossible to get a response from google when you want thier mistake corrected – they want us to respond to thier emails???? too busy.

  • http://www.visionefx.net rickvidallon

    Google touts that they want to have the best darn local search results around.

    Problem is that their CRM or customer/ webmaster/ website owners relations management is non-existent. I am willing to bet my left eye that Google will send these emails AFTER they have penalized or punished a website.

    In May of 2007 I began sending emails to Google Maps (Gooogle Local Business) titled; How do I report an inaccurate business listing?

    Google was pulling data from BOTH an old business listing and a new business listing. I was afraid to delete the old listing as it was some how connected to my new listing.

    In August rather than help me, or answer my emails and posts Google suspended my local listing without provocation or warning.

    This is what happens when you request help from Google. So for all of you out their who are asking Google to look into an inaccurate listing… think before you click.

    Rick Vidallon
    (Still waiting for an explaination from Google)