• http://www.emergence-media.com DanielR

    Definately good news. We’ve considered using Google for some key apps in our IT environment, but the fact it was free was the main factor against serious consideration.

    When you pay-for-what-you-get, what exactly do you get for free in terms of support, training etc?

  • http://www.topranksearch.com David

    I’ll pay happily. I use everything google throws out and even a GSA which I don’t use if you know any buyers ;)

    My pen also doesn’t flatline and my polo shirts are really nice….

  • http://www.justinjeffries.com Justin Jeffries

    My gut feeling is that it would be wildly more successful to continue the free service (with ads).

    Give companies the option. Give them a way to pay for service on an as needed basis. Give them a way to pay to have the ads turned off.

    A paid only option will reduce adoption rates, and because most businesses would consider it a toy they would not be willing to pay for such new technology until they understand the true value of paying for service and paying for ad free screen space.