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    Hi Greg, is that case study publicly available somewhere? Sorry if I missed the link. -Juhani

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    Greg, thanks for the case study summary. This is very exciting news to us in the call tracking industry because it shines a brighter light on the importance of tracking offline conversions in addition to online conversions. Only with a complete lead conversion picture, can you effectively optimize a PPC campaign to improve quality lead generation.

    My one question is, was the financial services company tracking PPC call conversions prior to integrating Google Call Metrics? We’ve seen a number of our clients quickly realize after integrating call tracking that their PPC campaigns were driving significantly more conversion than they realized because for whatever reason their visitors preferred to call instead of complete a web form.

    In addition, do you know if the firm has any plans after seeing these results to integrate a full call tracking solution to better track other sources of offline conversions, such as Bing PPC, online banner ads or email marketing campaigns? While I know call tracking can sometimes negatively impact online rankings, the tradeoff is a more robust conversion picture that can be used to better evaluate and evolve all marketing initiatives to improve performance.

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    Great article Greg. It is true that certain vertical segments like financial services have products that convert better over the phone, than simply online. Including phone numbers in search ads and other types of advertising media such as banner and display, gives the consumer the choice for how they want to engage with the advertiser. We released a case study and white paper yesterday revealing how the financial services industry is leveraging call performance marketing and how Lexington Law’s has increased sales 50% month-over-month with their pay-per-call program. Their program leverages call performance marketing to promote call-based campaigns and has helped them broaden their distribution on a pay-for-performance basis.