• http://www.erocket.co.uk Dave Fowler

    This is a step in the right direction, but currently, despite selecting Exact match and deselecting Broad, figures for both get displayed in the Search Terms box. This requires exporting all the search terms to Excel, ordering the keywords alphabetically, then deleting the rows containing broad match volumes (i.e. leaving the block of keywords contained in [ ]. This should not be necessary and represents pretty poor usability; if we wanted broad match results we’d leave the radio button selected. Frustrating.

  • http://www.BlueHorseradish.com Larry

    I see the same thing as Dave comments about below. Yes, it is odd that even if you un-check the Broad match box and check the Exact match box, the data shown (and exported) has both.

    The quick and dirty solution for the Excel export problem is rather easy though – just sort them A to Z. Because exact match data is square bracketed, the exact match data is easily sorted from the unbracketed broad match data.

  • http://www.BlueHorseradish.com Larry

    Using this again today and the results now do show just the Exact Match words when Broad Match is unchecked. Nice to see this improvement!