• http://www.michaelcropper.co.uk/ Michael Cropper

    Cue masses of businesses panicking and putting this stupid notification back in place. #groan

    It was announced a while ago that simply using the website is enough ‘acceptance’ so no need to use these annoying notifications

  • http://www.changinghorizon.co.uk/strategy Paul Atherton

    Seems like a seriously delayed reaction, especially given that the advice changed again a month or so ago – I think this is the finest description I have seen to date of the EU Cookie Law and what the governing bodies have done – http://blog.silktide.com/2013/01/the-stupid-cookie-law-is-dead-at-last/

  • Oliver

    Germany as well!

  • http://twitter.com/TheCookieCrunch Cookie Collective

    This move is in response to the fact that Google’s privacy policy is being investigated for breach of the cookie laws by six EU data protection authorities in the EU, including the UK.

    It shows that, far from the popular misconception, the cookie law is not dead.

  • http://twitter.com/MartinSimko Martin Šimko


    I am from the Czech republic (alson in European Union) and the cookie prompt is not showing in here. I think that cookies law is not ratified in our country. I hope that EU will wake up and stop this another madness.

  • http://www.hatredfun.com/ Zig

    Best solution; have every browser on first use, display a huge font declaring…

    The internet is full of cookies, to use the net, accept this!