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    What exactly is the conspiracy theory that is floating around because of this? What in the world do people think is being covered up?

  • gary price

    One source for imagery of major U.S. metro areas can be found at:
    Select viewer:

    Now, either search with a place name (select the binoculars icon) or use the magnifying glass icon to zoom in on an area.

    Clicking on the dataset or metadata link will provide some date info.

    You might want to first browse this list of what ortho imagery USGS offers online.

    2) Another source for USGS imagery (nationwide) is to go to the USGS “Seamless” site.


    Here you can search, browse, view, and download imagery. Some international imagery is also available. The viewer and UI is similar to the one for the orthoimagery.cr.usgs.

    Then, once the map appears you can see various “layers” of data available on the right side of the page.
    Selecting “Orthoimagery” offers numerous datasets for New Orleans, LA. After zooming in a bit more we find datasets data 2003 and 2006.

    See Also: Learn More about Hi-Res USGS imagery:

    Also, for commercial imagery, GeoEye’s CARTERRA (free to search, registration required) offers date info and and date searching.

    Finally, several datasets plus the ability to import KML,KMZ files and also use Virtual Earth imagery are all part of NASA’s World Wind resource.
    And World Wind Add-ons.

  • MS_native

    I am surprised at this response. For months after Katrina I went to Goggle often and was comforted to be able to look at things the way they used to be. In fact the first time I did this, I discovered that while Jackson County was intact, travelling over the Ocean Springs Biloxi bridge, halfway across the brige the imagery changed to post-Katrina. It was so sad. On one side of the drawbridge were cars waiting, while a boat passed underneath; move the image and the bridge was in pieces underwater. Life disrupted. Finally I went back one time to see Pascagoula filled with blue roofs, FEMA trailers, and brown vegetation. I didn’t want to look again after that.

    Why can’t there be two different versions to view?