• crimsongirl

    So basically – nothing new?

    I mean, this is what we’ve been hearing for years. No changes in tactics needed for SEO types.

    The only thing that gets me is “Don’t send automated queries”. How do they know the queries are from the person who owns/controls the site?

  • http://www.jlh-design.com JLH
  • http://sebastianx.blogspot.com/2007/06/google-enhances-quality-guidelines.html Sebastian

    Yep John, that’s so new that I didn’t (yet) covered it in my first take on the update;) Well, the news is old though, at least when you consider Matt’s blog posts official announcements.

    What I like is that the Googlers in charge really tried to write for their audience, that is Webmasters and Web developers, not (only) search geeks. Hence the news is that Google really cares. Since the revamp is a funded project, I guess the few paragraphs where the guidelines are still mysterious for the great unwashed, or even potentially misleading, will get corrected soon.