• http://www.summitweb.net/seo-inverness-scotland.html Martin Oxby

    And I assume Google are still claiming they are not trying to encourage people towards PPC? I think requiring a logged in session to Adwords says that this is where Google wants people to be. What’s your take, SEL?

  • Sanjeeb Panda

    Keyword planner is really awesome as it will give the searched data citywise, which was previously not available

  • local SEO dude
  • http://www.kukuchku.com/ Pooja Arora

    external tools needs to improve a lot ! Keyword Planner is simply awesome !

  • http://bibianowenceslao.com/ Bibiano Wenceslao
  • Nicholas Protonotarios

    Excellent anyone else excited about the mash up tool, I know I am.

  • Zayeed Mohummed

    And then they say it’s not about PPC at all. lol

  • Matthew Morris

    Isn’t that because they are going towards Google Enhanced Campaigns that require dedicated usage within mobile platforms? They are forcing the value of desktop clicks towards mobile inventories. Moving to a sign-in model creates a ‘buy-in’ audience for these changes. What better place to sell a new sandwich loaf than at the deli counter.

  • http://www.seosuccessmelbourne.com/ Joe Simmonds

    Michelle, I’m totally on your side with this one. I was excited to head about the Keyword Planner tool but I’m really not liking it at all. Not having the choice of narrowing keywords down to phrase or exact match makes the tool almost totally useless to me. Having more specific regional targeting is great but it doesn’t make up for the features that they dropped. I just hope that this is a work in progress! http://www.seosuccessmelbourne.com

  • Muhammad Rasyidi

    It is a bad news for guy like me that only using free tools to conduct my keyword research. Not try it yet but hope this will more powerful and effective for us. Last still hope it will still FREE

  • Rohan Ayyar

    Here’s a list of some other popular keyword tools – helps diversify your keyword research: http://www.e2msolutions.com/blog/the-10-best-alternatives-to-the-google-adwords-keyword-tool/

  • ujjwal bhattarai

    There is a way to change to Match Type. Look at top right section.

  • Chetan Sharma

    That option is useless, even if you change it the numbers dont change

  • James Parker

    No doubt Google always tries to facilitate in one way or the other but restriction will encourage them to switch towards other services providers. Previously one could use Google external keyword tool without login both for SEO and for PPC but now, even if someone needs to analyse keywords for SEO only, it will have to create login for PPC and then use new keywords research tool.


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