• Martin Day

    So what is stopping unscrupulous people from using this type of information to sign up to the latest link building network to be targeted and post links on behalf of their competitors?

    One minute Google are saying that no one can do anything that will have a detrimental effect of another person’s website, the next they are adopting a policy where that would appear to be totally feasible.

    Why not just not count the links like they used to?

  • MIchael de Valois

    Google’s enforcement of all these paid/unnatural link rules has been far from even, fair, or universal. In fact it seems to be either random, or selective, or both. We all see sties that have clearly violated these rules for years still ranking very well!

    Google used to look at a link and then look at the content of the page it is pointing to in order to determine it’s value. The second part of that calculation doesn’t seem to be much of a factor these days.

    Before all that paid/unnatural link penalty chaos SERPS made more sense to me, and I believe many other people. Sure, a spammer would pop up every now and then but they never lasted very long, and it was more like a minor nuisance because the rest of the results made sense.