• scottgchildress

    Slow roll-out? I Googled Barber, and several other topics, selected the reviews link and it went to the G+ page as it always does….Tried in Chrome and Firefox to make sure it wasn’t a browser thing.

  • Denise Hoogenboom Gervais

    what is the best way to monitor if you have received Google + reviews? (an automated system)

  • Andrew Shotland

    My best guess at the moment is this is either some kind of test to see if they can generate more reviews by making the UI a “write-a-review” dead end or there is some technological reason they had to roll it out this way. The fact that the review pop-up is totally divorced from G+ and maps seems odd.

  • Greg Gifford

    and the absolute worst part of the popup – NO OWNER RESPONSES!

    How the heck could they leave those out???

  • Earl Almeida

    Thanks for the info! The reviews pop up is showing in Canada. You can also get out of the reviews pop up by clicking anywhere outside of the review box, not just the X. Hopefully they’ll add in the owner responses and photos from the Google Places page too. It would be great if they just had a pop up of the Google Places page.

  • Marion Blanc

    Anyone knows if Google displays only reviews collected from Google users or also crawls reviews from other sites ? (tripadvisor, yelp, …)