• http://xeeme.com/MikeMiguel/ Luis Miguel

    The CNAME record on DNS is great, but comes late, YANDEX did it more than a year ago…

  • http://www.facebook.com/Aji.Issac Aji Issac Mathew

    Now there is so much data that it becomes difficult to do an analysis without spending good time. More data is a welcome step and an opportunity for all of us.

  • Maurice Walshe

     why adding stuff to your dns is way more complex than adding a single text file at the  root of the webserver and adding extra crauft to a system designed for name resolution is a bad idea in my not so humble opinion


    Thank you for the posting! Collegial greetings from Berlin.
    Manuel – http://manuelstuerkat.de

  • http://www.blurbpoint.com/ Sanket Patel

    Google will check for the CNAME record and if everything works we will
    be added as a verified owner of the domain. Using this method
    automatically verifies you as the owner of all websites on this domain but i think this method becomes quite complex because DNS TXT is more easier than it.

  • wladimirk

    For some reason I thought this was already a part of their algorithm but it looks like a ranking improvement. Even this year I’ve stumbled upon sites which offer nothing of value but rank very high. Hope that this kind of update helps.