• http://www.hostingkingdom.com/ Matt @ HostingKingdom

    I sure hope it’s a bug, John Mueller posted that “the team is aware of the problem and working on speeding that data back up again” on http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/webmasters/xyUiZrhypsI1-25-true

  • http://www.jozsoft.com joehall

    I am still seeing it on my end.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Past the 25th? You have to look closely. You can pick the range to go up to the current day, but that might not be all that’s listed.

  • http://www.perpettersson.nu/ Per Pettersson

    I see nothing as well. Let’s hope this is just a bug.

  • http://www.nikhilchandra.in/ Nikhil Chandra

    Ah! What a timing. As if Keyword Not Provided in Analytics wasn’t enough, now we don’t have keyword data in Webmaster too. Thank you Google for nothing :-)

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Thanks, Matt — added that to the end of the story.

  • venkat thangi

    first they murdered the keyword tool..now this!

  • http://www.dpom.co.uk/ Brett Dixon

    I noticed this yesterday – I can’t believe it’s a coincidence…impending roll out of something new (or paid for option) for keyword referral data perhaps?

  • Bernt Johansson

    I am seeing the data in Google Adwords after connecting Adwords to GWT. For dates after the 25th.

  • Valentin Pletzer

    An interesting question to ask would be: Does it only affect the webmaster tools or is the google algorithm affected by this?

  • Litvin

    i noticed it on 25 sep but thought there is any error. But not recovered yet. So it may be a big change in the webmaster tools.

  • Serena Mc Crossan

    I noticed this on Monday, hoping it’s just a bug and bad timing.

  • Morgan Akchehirlian

    Can you please mention the last day when you see the data from your end?This is not with few sites or webmasters.I see complains and voices every where about it from forums to blogs.

  • Kenny Shafer

    (another probably unpopular post) Maybe this is only true for larger sites but… if you have pages that are built to rank for a specific set of keywords or topic, couldn’t you just monitor traffic to these pages and just “infer” that, if traffic is increasing or decreasing to these pages, you’re probably seeing more/less traffic from those keywords?

    I’ve had SEO vendors come in and ask me “What keywords (in your market space) are you focused on?” I always say “All of them.” Honestly, I haven’t monitored keywords since 2007 or so. I have pages or groups of pages that I know are built to drive traffic for a keyword or groups of keywords. Since what I really want is traffic, I monitor that. If I see those pages or groups of pages on the move, I know I’m getting/losing traffic for the kinds of keywords for which those pages were built to attract. Even better, if you’re seeing traffic to the groups of pages that convert better, you know you’re getting traffic from the RIGHT kinds of keywords… it doesn’t really matter what they are specifically.

    Once again, your results may vary and this may only really be applicable to larger sites with a crap ton of inventory/pages/etc. Honestly, I’m just not broken up about any of this because I never really need to track this stuff in the first place. Good luck out there, everybody!

    (ducks for rain of fire)

  • http://www.rockcheetah.com/blog/ RobertKCole

    Sadly, the same goes for the Landing Page analysis that could be used, at least partially, to provide insights in the absence of the keyword [not provided] data… It too flatlined on Sep 25… Here is an example for a client: http://rockcheetah.com/images/google-landing-page.jpg

  • Li Ma

    I really hope this is only a bug, and they can fix it quickly enough. On a positive note, they just kept adding materials for our discussion at SMX East show.

  • Li Ma

    Just wanted to add that it’s easier to see the missing data in GA “Queries” report than directly inside GWT. I still don’t see any numbers since 09/25.

  • http://www.michaelmerritt.org/ Michael Merritt

    Mine was stuck on the 23rd for days, but it added a day between yesterday and this morning, so I think it’s just a bug.

  • dionne

    Clicks are low as hell, but I still see data.

  • http://quote44.com/ http://quote44.com/

    hey guys I am seeing keyword data now for the 24th, so it seems like its just really lagging behind, although many of my keywords are missing and their placement, atleast they are not hiding the data from us.

  • http://www.evemilano.com/ Giovanni Sacheli

    OMG I really hope so :)
    Post 25th I can’t still see anything…

  • mark

    Google is cooking something on webmaster when they mess up. Now it goes in trouble. Google is now closing fair business practice like what Microsoft does with their windows many years ago. There is a need for Govt intervention now.

  • http://www.jozsoft.com joehall

    You are right. I am not seeing anything past the 24th….Sorry about that!

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Does anyone have suggestions for other analytics tools? I’m not looking forward to the day when Not Provided reaches 100% and I would like to have something else ready to go, other than Webmaster Tools, to fill in the gaps.

  • RyanMJones

    Sounds like somebody left the bit of code that captures and stores that stuff out of the new hummingbird re-write.

  • RyanMJones

    Sounds like somebody left the bit of code that captures and stores that stuff out of the new hummingbird re-write.

  • Marius Nitsche

    Would it not help, if we switch our sites to ssl?

  • http://www.aqueous-seo.co.uk/ Aqueous Digital

    Hi Kenny, no rain of fire so far!

    I think you summed it up on line one – “Maybe this is only true for larger sites but…” I’m guessing you hit the nail on the head here. With our bigger sites we’re less worried about keywords and more worried about UX from the traffic but the majority of smaller sites we manage are now effectively blind. They rely on keyword data to inform them on what people are looking for – heck it’s even what Google told everyone to do! They even built a tool just for this purpose!

    Those who are suggesting that this is a prelude to everyone paying for something that was once free may have a point. With 95% of all UK search Google has the monopoly and businesses over here have no choice but to go with this.

    I await the next chapter with interest!

  • Kenny Shafer

    Yeah, I thought it might be just because I’ve been working on large sites. However, your quote “They rely on keyword data to inform them on what people are looking for” has me intrigued. Couldn’t those sites get this keyword data from outside the site’s analytics? I’m not sure how you’re using search keyword from GA, or your platform of choice, exclusively to get at this stuff.

    1) you know how much search volume is available out there for a keyword or group of keywords. you know what the SERP looks like for those searches. So, you could probably set some traffic goals based on CTR of different rankings.
    2) you know you’ve built a page or pages to attract people using those keywords.

    Having those two items at your disposal, you can gauge the success of the page(s) you’ve built. If you’re relying on your keyword traffic data to discover what people or looking for, you’re only seeing what you’re successfully ranking for…not what people are actually looking for. I would think you’d want to look outwardly for that information, not inwardly.

    Once again, it’s been years since I’ve had to manage the SEO of a small site so I certainly could be way off. The only thing I ever used the keyword data for (when looking at a small site) was to audit what percentage of search traffic was branded. But looking back, even that could be discerned by looking at home much of the search traffic lands on the homepage vs. internal. And, looking back some more, answering that question doesn’t REALLY get you anything meaningful anyways (also certainly debatable)…in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • http://www.aqueous-seo.co.uk/ Aqueous Digital

    Hi Kenny,

    You are of course right about search volumes and building the pages to match however at the really local level this can sometimes be a guess.

    As an example we are working with a local Acupuncturist who last month got 250 visits from 168 unique visitors. Not much traffic and if you believe the keyword tool there ‘s zero traffic for any of the keywords at this level! No guidance as to what we should build or optimise for at all.

    The client however gets half of their traffic to the home page and half to deeper pages we’ve created around what we believe people are looking for and what they do. We have boosted this over the past few months with extra pages around what we know people have actually typed in but of course as “(not provided)” heads towards 100% (currently at 58% on this site) we are increasingly blind to what people are searching for.

    In addition to this we used the on site data to inform us as to what people were researching rather then buying and created pages around this. Again, now we’re blind. We soon won’t even be able to determine branded searches from the data never mind the detail.

    Finally in all of this we’ve found that Google does its own thing when it comes to showing pages in search and frankly some of the pages it shows and delivers traffic to are just a mystery to us. There is no rhyme or reason and in many cases it thinks it has found the best page even when we have created a specific landing page for a topic.

    I suppose my beef with all of this is on behalf of the decent hard working SME’s that we work with – many of them rely on Google for their entire businesses as Google has effectively destroyed all the competition. Directories have died, Bing and Yahoo can’t even muster 5% of UK search between them and Google can and does display what it wants, when it wants it to whom it wants. Small businesses have a hard enough time but this just makes it harder and as others have noted, it makes no sense to hide this data when we know that they are still collecting it and still showing it if you pay for Adwords.

    This particular client now advertises in local magazines and it works. Who knows, perhaps paper is the future!!

    Thanks for taking the time to feedback Kenny, best of luck.


    PS – sorry to hijack the thread!

  • Jared

    I am seeing data up till the 27th.

  • Christian Noel

    Danny, does Google understand that it’s refusal to answer any further questions about their intent regarding why they decided to go to 100% not provided now only serves to increase people’s distrust of their party line?

    They talk a good game about transparency, but don’t always follow through on it.

    The fact that they still offer the data to those who pay for through Ad Words makes some of us believe that they will offer the KW data again for organic through some kind of expanded Google Analytics Enterprise package. That would make sense and I’d actually be OK with that.

    Sometimes I think they try to get too cute. I’m not even angry with them. I think I get why they are doing this. I just wish they would be a little more straight forward.

    Some people below think all of this amounts to some kind of unfair business practice. It isn’t. One thing I don’t want is some regulator getting involved with this. Imagine sitting in an office and having to fill out some paperwork every time to access keyword data reports. Or having data audits once a year by some guy from D.C. Yeah no thanks on that.

  • http://seowebapplication.blogspot.in/ Vivek Elinje

    i noticed it on 28 sep but thought there is any error. how to recover?

  • Henley Wing

    It’s not really a substitute for keyword data, but I just release a beta tool that uses social data to give you insight into trending topics/content. It’s useful for determining content ideas. There’s also a component for searching for bloggers/journalists. Let me know if you’d find it useful, Nick.

  • davidquaid

    Hey Danny – would SEL consider pushing more focus and feature on other search engines (apart from the two big evil companies?) ?

    Google couldn’t care less about privacy. That’s clear from the latest G+ advertising scandal. Surely reporting their PR spin in the media is intellectually degrading?

    If the media won’t hold them to the truth, what’s left?