• Sameer Sharma

    WOW Great…. Thanks for sharing

  • http://topbestlisted.blogspot.com/ aivil vin

    every blog/website contains/faces crawler errors. You cant rectify them lll.Its ok if its upto normal level.It happens with websites( off-course only for those sites thats master aren’t “power user” like our this post author :).

    Thanks Vanessa for the detailed article!

  • Stephan Schmitz

    Hi there. I’m the author of the PHP class and just wanted to let you know that this is no official API interface. I’m using the data provided via the web interface by sending authenticated curl requests. Also, next week there will be an update with more data available. ;) If you have any questions or feature requests you can drop me a mail to eyecatchup[at]gmail.com

    Cheers, Stephan.com.

  • joshua_mox

    Do you have any suggestion for good/reputable desktop apps that are already made which can utilize the feed? I seem to be coming up empty in my hunt for a desktop application that integrates with the feed. 

    I relied on the export to csv feature and the limited export just isn’t cutting it, but my coding skills are sorely lacking to create something myself.