• Pat Grady

    affiliates = cse. cse ads within G’s cse?

  • http://ftc.gov/ MonopolizedSearch

    With Panda, Penguin and EMD updates Google wiped the SERPS clear of affiliate marketers. Now Google wants to monetize them by allowing them entry into Google’s Paid Shopping product? Please. These actions are clear evidence that Google cares far more about making money then they do about the “user experience.” Google’s Paid Shopping results are now quite thin since they introduced paid results. I personally won’t use Google shopping this holiday season as there is little diversity. Additionally, the prices of the product results returned are nearly double what they can be purchased for elsewhere. Someone is paying for Google’s take in the transaction – the consumer. But it won’t be this consumer I assure you.

  • http://twitter.com/DavidWeichel David Weichel

    Great article Pamela! We’ve actually seen this happening with a few of the CSEs and you’re totally right about merchants feeling like they are competing with themselves via the CSE’s ‘arbitrage’. It’s great to finally get an official stance on this from Google since without it it seemed like the CSEs/affiliates were doing some shady. Turns out that they’re only casting the net out wider and increasing the opportunity for your landing pages to convert potential customers so all in all I think it benefits merchants that don’t have well-established or built-out PLA campaigns.

    Just thinking out loud here. Thanks again for the article!

  • daveintheuk

    Google really has become a vile, greedy, hypocritical beast these days. Anybody who thinks they have an interest in anything other than extracting the maximum cash from every website owner, and maximum personal information from every user is totally deluded.

  • Pat Grady

    They gave us a box to choose whether to allow affiliates or not… I’m confused.

  • Pat Grady

    PriceGrabber is one such “affiliate” now in Shopping. Many “affiliates” might disagree with this label.

  • Georgios

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