• mstoddart

    The concept of a $1 annual salary is very amusing to me. Do they do this to make themselves appear to be working for free or something? Is there some giant tax benefit here? Does it really please the shareholders to see execs making $1 a year in their annual reports? HAA!! Great post, Barry!

  • http://www.globalwarming-awareness2007online.com NunoH

    $1 a year… please… this is clearly PR stunts that fail to impress the stockholders…

  • http://www.dlperry.com DLPerry

    It’s all in the wording. That’s $1 “Annual Salary”. You can rest assured it doesn’t include ‘Bonuses’ ‘Non-Salary’ items, and all those other nice ‘fringe’ benefits.
    But it is a nice gesture nonetheless. :)

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    I doubt they are fooling anyone, especially stock holders.

    It is just a tech/money thing.