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    What is not clear is if they are saying it was better to not do any business in China – unless complete search freedom was given.

    Sometimes, it is better to initially compromise to get into the door – then negotiate little by little.

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    It’s good that they feel regret – they should listen to that “still small voice” within telling them that they dropped the ball. Perhaps not agreeing to comprimise may have set them back a bit in the Chinese markets, but you can’t stop ideas. They’re like air… or poison gas as the Chinese government may have one believe.

    Sure it’s easy for me to say “stick to your guns” and forget the money, but I think Google founders know that the overall impact of the Internet on the future of this planet and Google’s role in shaping it will be far more important in the long run than profits.

    Regardless of where one believes they go when they die, you don’t take it with you :)