• Takeshi Young

    Good riddance.

  • Michael Shostack

    Glad to see things finally happening on this front. Toolbar providers have become increasingly brazen in their activities and monetization strategies. And that’s to say nothing of their affiliates who tend to be even worse.

    What I’d love to see happen next is more transparency into the Search Partner Network, and additional controls there (similar to GDN placement controls) so that if we want to avoid having ads run on say, Ask.com, that option is available. My understanding is that the reason such transparency/controls don’t already exist is because of the publisher agreements referenced in this article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andries.devilliers Andries Petrus de Villiers

    Michael, I agree 100%. GSPN obfuscates their partner network leaving inefficiencies in any marketers SEM campaigns. Opting in or out of search partners based on conversion rates and performance is exactly what adMarketplace enables their advertisers to do. This allows the largest search advertisers to re-allocate AdWords budget from GSPN to see better ROI from adMarketplace’s search network. Take a look at their new advertiser 3D platform to see the transparency and control: http://vimeo.com/54454702#

  • Kevin Lee

    Clearly the level of disclosure when toolbars and apps are installed should be high particularly given that many users aren’t sure how to uninstall said products. Shared family computers exacerbate the situation because one user may not announce to the family that they installed a toolbar (intentionally) A second family member finds an install and assumes that the disclosure was absent.

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk/ Nathaniel Bailey

    Its about time someone started to make these damn toolbars more user friendly when it comes to removing them! I use to be forever removing toolbars I don’t want, I think the worst of them all though has to be yahoo, they install their toolbar without asking from a lot of downloads and change all your search settings to make themselves your default search for everything!

    Surely our lovely search standards should be jumping in on this to put some strict rules in place for everyone!

    One rule I would love to see enforced is that those tiny hidden tick boxes to install a toolbar are auto unticked NOT auto ticked like they currently are! This would save a lot of time for so many people who miss the tick box and end having to *yet again* work out how to uninstall xyz malware toolbar they never know was going to be installed when trying to update or install something (java updates use to be my worst enemy as that always tries to take over your computer with yahoo!)