• http://bit.ly/mirandan MirandaN

    Friend lists do work very well in terms of sharing on your newsfeed. Ie you can post something and have it not be visible to one group of people. Very useful if you want to share something in a different language or share something controversial to only a selected group of people.

  • Raphael Caldas

    The “keep me posted” link on plus.google.com is 404’ing… Promising…

  • http://www.facebook.com/amit.doda amitdoda

    Same here… Getting an error “The requested URL /intl/en/+/learnmore/notifyme.html was not found on this server. That’s all we know.” … when I clicked on keep me posted link.

  • http://www.ontargetpro.com Alisa Maley Meredith

    Uh, you would have thought a huge part of this new \project\ would be more extensive use of +1. Not saying you can’t continue to develop after launch, but that is a huge miss.

  • http://fjpoblam fjpoblam

    They made this mistake with buzz, and the lesson should be learned. It is to be hoped, Google+ will be opt-in and not integral.

  • http://liza.id.au Liza

    For those who are getting a 404, I was getting the same thing and played around with the URL. This:

    Should redirect you to this:

    Which should have a form to fill in to stay posted.

  • http://www.themacadvocate.com Jeremiah

    “It’s as if Facebook launched its Like buttons but forgot to hook them up to flow information back into Facebook.”

    Or it’s as if someone didn’t want to have any secondary democratic ranking system potentially affecting their “proprietary” search algorithms. If a free search result – based on +1 – appeared in front of ones that were paid for with cold, hard cash, Google’s business model might spontaneously implode.

  • http://mastigue.com David Portela

    Anywhere you can type a name to customize a status update or a privacy setting, you can type in a list name instead. This makes FB lists very powerful. A little research goes a long way…

  • http://www.highrankings.com/hrasubscribe Jill Whalen

    Danny, with the Facebook lists, you can send messages to only certain lists, but it’s very convoluted. Even when I intend to do exactly that, I often forget, and end up sending to everyone. (You have to click that little lock button instead of the usual share button. Then you have to click “customize” and then put whichever lists you want to send to in there.)

    The Google +Circles looks to me what Facebook lists *should* be. (Maybe now they’ll make it easier!

  • C.I.

    Lotsa luck, Google. Sadly, in six months will have forgotten this service and Facebook will have a bigger grip than ever in this space.

  • http://angle45media.wordpress.com Ben Joven

    This is what happens when the cleverest people in the room have all left and went across the street to Facebook.

  • http://www.danielruby.com Dan Ruby

    Google+ main benefit #1: It’s not Google Wave.
    Seriously though, this does look fairly interesting… I actually like the idea of keeping +1 and + separate (although they should have really reconsidered the naming conventions…).

    Now, what I’m interested in is that Google doesn’t seem to want to be a “social media” or “search” company, but rather a (the?) “communications” company. Social, search and apps as a means rather than as the definition.

  • http://www.newte.ch Lars

    Here’s a link that gets you on the waiting list: https://services.google.com/fb/forms/googleplus/

    I can’t wait to test it out.

  • http://www.flashminddesign.com F.M.

    I agree with you 100% on the bad name choice. It is so bad, that I actually believe the name alone will hinder its success.

    I can already visualize the confusion between +1 program and Google+. Both of which are a marketing disaster. I already know that it had to go through multiple channels before it names was approved. Stupidity plagues Google when it comes to social media. Social Media was an unforeseen competitor that they just cannot grasp.

    I pray for the day Facebook is taken down by a competitor as I consider it the plague of the internet as we know it, but I again agree with your statement. This is not a Facebook killer by any means. The wasted hours and cash poured into this project is a complete and utter failure that began with the name it-self. I wonder if they did ANY case studies before rolling this out.

    As brutal as this comment was, I do wish Google success with social media but really Google+? <–As noted with the punctuation problems.

  • http://www.chunkford.com Paul Mumford

    Can’t really see the problem with the name

    The Google+ Project is an umbrella name for all the other + products that are out now and probably in the future.
    – We have +1
    – and now +YOU

  • http://spacetimecruise.blogspot.com/ Udipta Basumatari

    This is more like their 3rd attempt. Remember Orkut? Hope they have learned a few things from that.

  • http://wihphotel.com/mag WIHP

    I like their strategy, the idea of gradually increasing social to their system is the way to go, it’s too late to try to invent a new Facebook. The only way they’ll make this work is by gradually building social into the Google Account which will make it easier and easier to share, like and go social.
    Let’s see how this rolls out.

  • http://friendsforever-001.blogspot.com/ zaira maqubool

    Google+ is has surely shaken up the grounds of Social media structure.
    However, the features seem to be almost equivalent to that of Facebook , just with different names.
    The ‘+’sign really needs to be improvised upon.

    The challenge for Google is to make a mark up on the web with this feature and show off it’s ‘+’ factor!!
    Unlike Facebook who invented the social network before the “like button” Google launched the +1 before Google+. Google failed with Buzz, then the rumor of ‘Google me’ still remains pending and then the +1 feature who is still struggling to compete “like”

    I am waiting eagerly for the Google+ launch… Hope this ‘project’ and not ‘product’ proves profitable for Google and of course to the internet marketers… :)

  • http://www.tommyswanson Tommy Swanson

    I this it’s going to be a powerful platform that will be used by a good amount of tech savvy people.

    That being said–it’s a bit too complex for the older generation. Facebook provides simplicity that my 80-year old Grandmother can understand.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Alisa, agreed. I’m sure it will come. But it’s strange that it’s not there now.

    Jeremiah, they do want a secondary ranking signal. That was explicitly the reason given when they launched +1, that they wanted it to provide a new signal to help boost rankings.

    David, I did indeed research that. And tested it. Three different times. It never worked. And the Facebook help page that I linked to didn’t say that it should work. Thus why I said that selective sharing wasn’t supported through lists on Facebook.

    Updipta, I do indeed remember Orkut. Almost got into that, but the article was fairly long, and I didn’t want to spend that much time on what they’ve done before versus what they are doing now. Orkut was also a pre-Facebook effort, versus Buzz and +1, which are post-Facebook products.

  • boscharun

    Google released an invite session just like they did for wave and others. But seems they have blocked that also now. Just the same old publicity stunt.

    Wondering what will happen to plus… guess it will go into the same drain as wave. On top of it, Google’s page rank algorithm has ranked Google to be behind Facebook.
    Good luck to google. I don’t think it can do serious damage to facebook. After all, how can you pluck out an entire society existing in facebook by making something similar??

  • http://zahlm.com Hugh Kimura

    I tried it and I don’t think it is a threat to Facebook at all. If anything, Hangouts is a threat to Skype with the free multiperson video conferencing. I love everything else Google comes out with, but social media is just not their thing.

  • Big Al

    the author seems disappointed that G+ is not more like Facebook. For me, the plus (no pun intended) is that it IS NOT Facebook. If you want Facebook, well you already got it, for the ones that don’t like were Facebook has gone (I had a FB account back in the day when you needed to supply your student ID and wait for approval), we need something else.

  • daniel s

    Great post “Buzz off Google Buzz” particuarly made my chuckle. I think that Google+ does provide some competition for facebook, mainly because Google tends to be more trusted than Facebook, what with Facebooks lack of transparency regarding privacy settings. I also think that their will be a few techies out there who don’t want Google to own so much data about them on top of what Google already knows about an individual. So they may rebel and not create a Google+ account. If you want to read some predictions and further likes/dislikes about Google+ my friend linked me up to this which is a pretty good read; http://blog.adi.do/2011/07/google-adidos-view-on-new-social.html


  • http://www.facebook.com/ModelRania Rania

    Great article danny! I doubt google+ will be a facebook killer also but facebook truly has paved the way for a competitor to waltz right in because of ‘controversies over privacy issues, frequent changes to user interfaces and increasing commercialization’.

  • Well

    G+ had time to analise facebook and are in better position. Facebook shuld see what news will add G+ and copy. (thy copy fb > fb shuld copy tham)

  • http://webdesignfromscratch.com/ benhunt

    I don’t think G+ is aiming to compete direct with Facebook. It’s a much bigger project. Why Google Plus is NOT (just) a social network http://www.webdesignfromscratch.com/blog/google-plus-lets-you-connect-to-brands-in-circles/

  • brendarowe

    Brenda Rowe