• daveintheuk

    No, the motivation for Google is to make consumers click on AdWords because that is where the “trust” badge is – not the organic results… nothing else.

  • http://twitter.com/n_giesbrecht Nathan Giesbrecht

    Waiting very impatiently for this program to open up to Canadians.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MT3UM2HW5L26GS77GQHFS2FFB4 Bruce

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  • richardzleeson

    retailme not and Printapons saves me lots of time and money and more than that it make the online shopping lot more fun when you get discount!!

  • http://www.cutey.co.uk/ cutey

    Good idea, but do we want more third party stuff on our websites?

  • http://www.jordonmeyer.com Jordon Meyer

    I was pitched this about 8 months ago at a big retailer. No big retail or ecom site wants this. You have to share transaction number, shipping and customer email data with Google. It is just another PPC ad copy play – so you get the nice little badge to boost CTR. I don’t think the small incremental CTR boost is worth sharing the info and compromising your overall website design with their widget. 

    But…I’m sure tons of SMBs will be all over this because it’s a new shiny thing from GG. Think about it before you make the leap. 

  • http://blog.karlribas.com/ Karl Ribas

    I love the idea that this may one day be integrated with Yahoo! Stores for easy implementing, but agree with Jordon (comment above) that the slight boost in CTR may not be worth sharing such compromising information.

  • GilesJuliana

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  • Tom_Avon

    Maybe I have incomplete information, but I was informed ecommerce sites need at least 1000 orders per month to be considered for Trusted Store status. True?