• http://www.facebook.com/firemancash John Cash

    Leaky Smeaky! Google pisses me off. I’m changing my home page. I don’t care about the 100th anniversary of somebody that supposedly dug up an ape skull and claims I’m a descendant of it! It’s these kind of people that change the meaning of A.D. (Greek: Anno Domini)- but to my simple brain always meant “after death” (though He rose again:).. and C.E. or B.C.E… Simply because they don’t like Christ! C.E. used to mean Christian Era until about 50 years ago some knucklehead archaeologist decided it should mean “Common Era”.

    Give us a break! The world-wide system of dating has to be respected and that requires a “before Christ and after Christ”. whether Muslims or Jews or anybody else likes it or not (this is where I get accused of being a racist, because I’m factual).

    All longitude is measured from an English observatory near London whether Anglophobe’s like it or not. I won’t hold my breath until Google celebrates the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.