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    yay! Congrats Matt!

  • http://twitter.com/jwdlatif Jawad Latif

    He waited 3 years to get this.

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    nice info from matt, keep update with these type of info..

  • TerryWall

    Matt gets a patent; meanwhile Google + Local is still a train wreck, as described by Mike Blumenthal…way back on November 29th!

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    Nerd alert

  • robthespy

    Good for them.

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    That’s not his department ;-). I once heard a Union Member say that.

  • CDCH

    Correct. Their stock is going through the roof due to:

    1. New huge arrows being added to their Adsense Ads in December. Basically, doubling false clicks and their ad revenue, since people think they are nav arrows for slideshows or the next page. If companies are smart they should use different web ads that do not promote false clicks at their cost. Google is breaking their own deception placement rule$ now.

    2. Under Penguin, Google has pushed huge sites to the top of the searches under the guise of creating a better search. This has created huge revenue from these large sites that stuff commercial Google ads on their pages. How stupid do they think we are believing their better SEO claim?

    3. Both Bing and Google are now stealing websites full size images to create huge photo hubs to attract users and scrapers looking to steal full size photos and images. It is only a matter of time till they add their ads to these massive photo libraries, while spitting in the real owners faces.

    These are the reasons Google stock has gone up so fast the last six months. They are selling their good name and once fair search results for the fast buck. Other search sites are now getting a lot of users, since Google no longer outputs quality search results.
    All the above is going to come back to bite Google with lost users and class action lawsuits. Beware of their stock!

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    Congrats… Matt