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    When webmasters see pure garbage ranking on the first page of Google, like it is now for many search terms, those that follow the guidelines are easily persuaded to do what works. Link spam worked in the past, and it still works now. The only difference is who is the recipient of the link spam. Spammers have now turned the flow of link spam onto their competitors websites to drive them deep within the results. The question is will such tactics actually work for a brand heavy algorithm that penalizes small businesses?

  • navjot singh

    I have a query regarding Mattcutts.com website

    I found sub domains of website(www.mattcutts.com) are not protected and any one can can create sub domain with their own name.



    I mean to say any one can make sub domain with your domain. Of
    course content is of your site and Google can take them as clone website,
    duplicate content whatever.

    Your thoughts ???


    Navjot Singh