• David Beart

    Matt Cutts recommends has recommended that webmasters shouldn’t add articles to Article Marketing sites, thus my question to him is this… why does GOOGLE support Article Marketing sites by allowing them to run Adsense? Google could eliminate much of the duplicated content on the web by pulling the scripts from those Article Marketing sites and stop indexing their content.

    We did some article marketing in the past and found out the hard way that Article Marketing is NOT advisable. If you get a ‘unnatural linking penalty’ like we did you will spend months trying to get the content removed from these sites and from sites that picked up the syndicated content. Though many bigger Article Marketing sites have been excellent at removing the content / links when asked to do so; others charge a fee or won’t even bother to return emails.

  • http://thereviewsolution.com/blog/aaron-kocourek/ Aaron Kocourek

    At least he is finally giving straight answers

  • http://www.malonemediagroup.com Preston Taylor

    So, you’re telling me that all the money I spent on spinning software to churn out crappy re-spun articles in an effort to get moar backlinks and exposure is now all in vain close-bracket.slash.sarcasm

  • http://www.malonemediagroup.com Preston Taylor

    probably will be considered a link from a “unsavory” source….

  • Chris Koszo

    It’s fine, just go in and remove those anchor text links. I’d personally remove all links and replace them with brand mentions. Who knows someone might stumble on the article and want your services..

  • http://www.chrisfaron.com/ Chris Faron

    So he mentions the usual no no’s (kw rich anchors in bio, etc) but what about using article marketing to add generic (click here) type links?