• ManishK

    I had an extended question to what Matt has explained. Point taken on crawler’s behaviour on 404 and 410. My question is what if I encounter a 404 page e.g. http://www.abc.com/manish (not a valid page on abc.com) and I meta-refresh this page to http://www.abc.com/404 and this page layout is same as my home-page…is it okay? also in this case what should be the response of http://www.abc.com/404.

    If this is not recommended from SEO point of you, please share an ideal solution.

    Many Thanks,

  • http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    Who the hell is this “blind 5 year old” :P

  • http://www.dtcmedia.nl/ Fred

    Hey Barry,

    Thanks for the post. I am curious about Google’s url removal process. Even though Matt mainly tackles crawlerror registration, he does seem to give a brief idea :

    “We will still go back and recheck and make sure – are those pages really gone? Or maybe the pages have come back alive again. I would also not rely on the assumption that this behaviour will always be the same.”

    What he seems to say is that there are several extra signals for automatic deletion (not using removal requests in Webmaster Tools), a 410 response code being one of them. But that’s just another assumption. Since you mention “over the course of years” in your article, which I don’t recall hearing in the video, I was wondering what your thoughts are on this?

    I have been dealing with tons of deleted content lately, that seems to stay in the SERP endlessly. It would be nice to know a few additional insights.

    All the best,
    Fred (DTC media)

  • http://www.mikearnesen.com/ Mike Arnesen

    Woo! Great question from AJ! I was wondering about this, but suspected this was the case. Great to have confirmation.

  • http://www.mikearnesen.com/ Mike Arnesen

    AJ Kohn from http://www.blindfiveyearold.com/. Super smart dude. Check out his stuff.

  • http://www.blogginglove.com/ Ravi Chahar

    There are many reasons due to which 404 error occurs. This doesn’t have that much serious to stuck at. Bloggers can easily fix if when they check in webmaster tools. But 410 error-I don’t have any idea about it. If the page is permanently gone then it may occur.

  • http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    Thanks for the link Mike!