• http://www.indexory.com/ Indexory

    It is undoubtedly a great and useful tool to have

  • SBS Fence

    I would really want to see some PR increase of my Linkedin Profile:

    on which I have been working so hard since Jan 2013.

  • James

    I appear to be getting a page rank update this morning. Got a PR2 on an internal page that always had a PR0. Strange!

  • PR

    google page rank is faky with virtual companies having higher page rank than real brick and mortar public listed companies (no wonder internet turned into a gamer online – hardly anyone at websites,blog just busy playing online games ) , this all been politicised by seo companies ??? selling articial traffic click wares ppc malwares and lately artificial youtube and fb fan ,likes , comments and views. Google tycoon anyone ? game money the fools gold

  • jesse j

    100% agree, a site I made in March got updated to PR1 this year

  • http://www.seosamuel.com/ Samuel King

    Really? As of Today Friday 6th Of December, I am noticing PR changes across my sites. I have always taken whatever Mr Cutts says with a bit of salt and this is another fumble from Mr Matt Cutts of google

  • http://www.htmltutsplus.com/ Karun Verma

    Matt says no more PR updates this year but I just noticed some changes in the PageRank of few of my sites. Does anyone noticed that?

  • http://www.bradleypokertables.com/ Karrie Morton

    How true it is that there is a PR update this month? Some of my friends said that their websites’ PRs are changed. Is it true that there is a PR update?

  • http://www.silverpromo.com/ Jessi Linh

    I think the same

  • xoxo

    looks like PR update going on right now. So, Matt Cutts lied us again?

  • http://www.virtuosoft.eu/ István Ujj-Mészáros

    My site’s pagerank is updated today! It is a relatively new site (started in February).

  • Kallol

    Quite unexpected but it’s a pleasant surprise – at last Page Rank updated today. Checked for a number of websites. Over the last week, the site http://www.skiusainc.com/ moved from N/A to 0 and today it got PR 2

  • petrirahikkala

    It was updated today and my sites when all down one notch.

  • Foxygamer

    I’m confused about this, I recently went from page rank 0 to 1. How come my site got updated?

  • http://www.javamazon.com/ Navneet

    Page rank has updated , many websites are updated with next PR level ..check out yours

  • http://www.javamazon.com/ Navneet

    Page rank has updated , many websites are updated with next PR level ..check out yours

  • Social Media Manager

    Guys few websites got #Pagerank update ! Just to be clear, this is tongue-in-cheek. Do not buy #links just focus on strategy #SEO #Google

  • Tom Weyers

    So there is a Pagerank update in 2013 after all. I have been monitoring a data set of a few hundred URL’s and seen changes across the board. Long live PR…?

  • Funday Moon

    PR updated yesterday.

  • Dilip

    Yes…Today update google page. Now, Matt cutts would be surprised. He once again told lie with us.

  • Ankiit Gupta

    Well its the time for Matt Cutts to be “Surprised” (as per his twitter response http://goo.gl/x9QAA5) as Today, the #PageRank update has been rolled out effecting the page rank of many websites. For instance, #moz.com jumped from 2 to 7 and #searchengineland jumped from 6 to 7 !

    Check your #PR now and stay tuned for more updates http://goo.gl/m0asBf

  • Kishore Kumar Mishra

    But today, it’s updated!!

  • James

    I win I saw it 10 days ago! YEAH!

  • James

    I said so 10 days ago. See my comment below.

  • Danny Cutts

    Well one of my sites has moved pagerank today… so as always I am not so sure what Matt Cutts actually knows….

  • kooky pirate

    page rank happened.

  • http://www.industryleadersmagazine.com/ John Warne

    Strange, how Google can do this? Before few days Matt Cutts were saying that he will be socked if the Google updates page rank before 2014.

    I am little bit confuse what can we assume about this update?

  • http://archieward.com/ Archie Ward

    OK, so it’s 2013 and we got the PR update. So I really wish Search Engine land would stop inferring things that aren’t actually said in Matt Cutts videos already for the sake of a headline.

  • http://bestpointandshootcamera4u.com/ Minh Duc Vu

    Yes. My niche site (created in May 2013) has jumped from pr n/a to pr4 when i checked. But still my main keyword was hit by penguin.

  • Social Profiles US

    Well, guess that isn’t true. Our page rank changed today 12-9-2013 to a PR 3. Guess Matt is surprised or lives in a different dimension where it’s a new year already. :)

  • Amit Panwar

    Google recently update many sites page rank on 6 December 2013