• Alok Gangrade

    This is site ranking with ip address “” in Google.co.in second page at “Bulk SMS” keywords with more than 3 month, previously it was ranking on first page of Google. Why I am sharing this because it is down website or nothing on it and I am wondering why this is appearing on Google search result.

  • Spag

    Unless I have intermittent outtages over a 3 day period that co-incide with a Googlebot visits

  • http://karlcardoza.com/ Karl Cardoza

    mine went down a couple of times for no longer then 2 days
    Rankings dropped significantly
    indexing of pages maintained

  • seoservices4smallbusiness

    I had seen one of my site do well more than 48 Hours goes down :)

  • Sonal Saraswat

    Yes, I agree with this post. My website
    went down Couple of times but its ranking remains maintained for 1 month.