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    matt cutts “blah blah blah”

  • http://www.it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara Mckinney

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting video. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for them to fight the spammers in order to maintain their reputation as the source relevant information in the online world.

  • http://www.xaavo.com/ Imran Mughal

    Just its game of money, Google want to earn through adwords and SEO guys want to earn through website ranking on Google in short time.This game will never end because Google cant remove search engine positions and cant show ads on the whole page.

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    Anything we can do to help fight spammers and cheaters who game the system we will do it – there’s no better pleasure than fighting a just cause in support of legitimate SME’s.

  • http://www.krishinc.com/ Jitendra Padmashali

    Acording to me its hard to understand how can any spammer can get any links about our site. Its really nice vedio for update and as per Imran said that its just a game and its never end, sometimes also we like to play this kind of game.

  • https://www.freightlink.co.uk/ Freightlink

    Not just Google – the whole web, including Facebook, generates revenue via SEM. Show me a new method of monetising search and you’ll be a billionaire.

  • Durant Imboden

    Matt Cutts must be a really upbeat guy: If I had his job, I’d have lost all faith in humanity by now!

  • Mr B Lee

    Alot of the ‘used’ internet Google now is not allowed to index. Facebook, Twitter, all the apps etc and many major news publications are now going to subscription models Google is determined for everyone to have to write content to add value (something it doesnt feel the need to do itself) so it can sell its ads alongside this third party generated content.
    Google knows search is slowly dieing out. It now carries out aggressive penalties and updates including panda and the above updates to drive commercial and affiliate sites to use its adwords system instead. Look at the increase in click revenue in the last year in relation to a click price drop.
    People are going to say ‘but search traffic has gone up’ but if you look at that search traffic on google most of it is now direct brand searches so the top 10 search terms are all facebook, youtube etc as its easier than using the browsers address bar.
    Young people are interacting with the internet using new apps and not sitting down in front of google to carry out searches as we did in the early days.

    The problem with Googles webmasters guidelines is that their own site violates them. No added content, scraping other peoples sites, 70% adverts, what is google shopping but an affiliate site etc

  • Manoj Kumar

    Yes I also agree with Imran Mughal, Google want that all promotions should be by Google Adwords so that he can earn money. But I want to know that why Google not understanding that millions websites can show in adwords ?

  • sharithurow

    Hey all-

    As a deputized spam fighter, I appreciate the difficulties Matt and his crew face on a daily basis…but from a user/searcher’s point of view. Do you have any idea how much cursing I hear in usability tests or field interviews due to “crap” (the words used are far more colorful than the one I just used) in Google search results?

    I just wish the removal process were faster. That’s what I hear the most from test participants and colleagues.

    I understand that it’s a game. Some of us don’t appreciate being dragged into a game we don’t want to play.

    My 2 cents.

  • hplpc

    Looks like Matt Cutts has been eating and fighting a lot of “spam” lately.

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  • dsclarkkk

    I’m sure Matt Cutts is a nice guy but he represents corporate America. His job and all other Google employees is to walk the corporate plank and protect the bottom line. Stopping spammers helps the bottom line…..end of story! What bothers me is not that Google protects their interests by at the same time they claim spammers are unethical and have even convinced the Koolaid drinking minions that spamming is virtually illegal. In fact it is neither. Google makes no money from organic ranking so stopping spammer from manipulating organic rankings ads to the bottom line. This nonsense about it being related to search quality is just as old as their terms of service where reciprocal linking was allowed.

    The worst part is while they are claiming spammers are immoral, they continue to over charge almost every company in the world who uses Adwords to promote their business. I’m certain 97% of companies using Adwords are paying too much! Is it ethical to over charge your customers? Only if those customers don’t know any better I suppose.

    Spamming will always exist because some people just want to beat Google at their own game. Come literally know one believes if John Smith Air Conditioning builds great content, he will be the next Amazon.com. Google has to do what they will do, their minions will march on waiving their pro Google banners and Spammers will do what they do. Occasionally they will square off. Google will win the battle and maybe the war but don’t tell me it is about search quality…it is all about money except for the minions who think they are being good citizens.