• http://javascriptsandmore.com Shawn Lippert

    Are they the Dreamcast (Google Glasses)of their time? Google is always introducing new products, good to see new Hardware, and so far their Hardware products have been a good bet for them.

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/113267516379392710970/about scottostirling

    >> I could imagine scenarios where the goggles become a huge hit (with mostly males) and a necessary piece of “Geek Chic.” But I can equally imagine that they’d be ridiculed and satirized in an “SNL” skit. <<

    If they stand out (like the Oakley THUMP glasses pictured above) these "goggles" will be "Nerd Chic" and a new form of birth control glasses (BCGs), popular at Stargate SG-1 conventions. That won't stop me from buying them, but, for Google's sake, let's hope the design rumors are false.

  • Ganesh Raj

    This product is out of imagination can’t believe google is into such a good product, if this project comes into existance im sure it would take our world into next generation, what an imagination and what an effort for this wonderful peoduct hats off to google. I got to know the srtucture of this google glass released from this sit “http://tech2wonder.com/google-glasses.html” im not sure whether the structure is perfect given by them..