• http://wiki.imarketingguru.com/ iMarketingGuru

    Omg, I read a while back about the idea of using highly interactive and rich ads for users in the asian countries. I heard that China as well as Japan would be the most highly regarded targets for rich media ads. I can see based on those facts/assumptions why Google would go about making their homepage animated and interactive for their Korean users. Users in the asian countries adore ads filled with animation and media. Pop-ups even still work in those countries and they are loved…Crazy. A+ for Google

  • Arthur Weiss

    This seems very much like a test system Google put up for one day only if I recall in March 2005 – that mirrored the Apple MacOS Dock. You can still see what this was like at http://joeanderson.co.uk/google/ and although it is not the same as the Korea system it is very similar.

  • http://www.ysimo.nl/ Jelle

    Typical for Google to implement the animations only for the front page. The animations are not used on the images, news, groups or blogsearch page. It’s just like they are scared that people won’t like it so that they can easy take it offline again. The big struggle with the implementation of there corparte identity.

    However I do like this approach with the animations. Like iMarketingGuru said is it great for the Korean users, but I would also be a nice extra feature for other countries.