• http://www.netmagellan.com/ Ash Nallawalla

    Not seeing it yet in Australia, whether signed in or not. Your screen shot shows you were signed in.

  • http://www.windfery.com Robert Lloyd

    Same, not seeing it in Sydney, Aus. Would be interested to know when roll-out is planned.

  • darrenblair

    Could this be the reason for gmail’s weird sitelink about god? http://searchinsights.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/i-believe-god-wants-you-to-know/

  • http://www.simonserrano.com Simon Serrano

    it looks like you have to 1) be signed into your google account and 2) have connected with the person both through Gmail and through the site you see in the search results.

    For me it looks like Twitter only shows people who i’ve both emailed from my gmail account AND who i’m following on Twitter.