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    The Overture keyword tool and KeywordDiscovery can still be used to confirm basic hunches about what search terms are still reigning.

    One EXTREMELY INTRIGUING experiment would be:

    1- Do a search on Google & Yahoo for the top 20 searches everyone assumes would REALLY reflect the true top queries…

    2- Contact each of the top 3 listings on the organic SERPs, and those on the SPONSOR above them…

    3- Do whatever it takes to get their 2006 cumulative stats for the year, (or just for one week if that is all you can get)

    4- Compare and chart the Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask keyword referrals.

    This would be helpful in revealing the true amount of Search engine popularity traffic – but also, an insight into how much traffic those keywords bring.

    Their stats must be phenominal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WaterGuy

    The December Google Friends Newsletter also sheds light on the surprising Bebo ranking…

    “+ Google Zeitgeist 2006 +

    These days, all the major search engines send out a year-end list: what were the most popular search queries of the year? Scads of magazines, TV shows, newspapers, and blogs pick up on this theme also, either by picking their own or reporting on what the big sites and search engines say. It”s a real staple of year-end coverage to revisit the biggest celebrity names, trends and oddities that characterize the year just ending. Rather than tell you the most-frequently-searched words — many of which are constants throughout the year — we like to contrast which search terms grew significantly this year over last year. As a result our main lists enumerate queries about social networking sites (MySpace, Bebo), significant world news (Hezbollah, North Korea, Darfur), scandals (Duke lacrosse, page), and lots more. What’s all mean? We think it gets interesting to look over periods longer than a single year, and that’s what Google Trends aims to do. (It’s also fun to compare the top lists for years past and ask, where are they now?) However much significance you give to year-end lists, December is an excellent time to look back. We hope you enjoy the view.