• http://www.aakarpost.com Aakar Anil

    I think, this ‘Patent Things’ need reform.
    Seriously, I agree with his views. On blog he has said, “Patents were meant to encourage innovation, but lately they are being used as a weapon to stop it.” I think same, but Apple, Microsoft, Oracle’ and other are just after Android.

    Patent should be reformed.

  • Håvard Krüger

    Google really screwed the pooch on this one. If they had gotten the patents they could’ve used them to hold off Microsoft and Apple.

    Google obviously wanted to buy these so that they could keep violate patents that Apple & Co already had, and that’s atleast as bad as what they’re accusing Microsoft of doing.

    These patents were supposed to be Google’s Stalingrad, but they failed big time.

  • Håvard Krüger

    @Aakar Anil Or you could look at it this way: Apple & co are using their patents to prevent Google from copying their work, work that they’ve spent alot of time and money on.

    Google has many times the past couple of months said that Apple and Microsoft need to start innovating, but the truth is that Google needs to start innovating and stop leeching on other companies innovation. If they want to steal other companies work they should pay a licence fee.

    Google is the China of tech companies, copy and give it away cheap/free.