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    If you would like to read/review the full court docket (back to day one) for this case and read/review any of the full text filings, no PACER account required (free),


    JUSTIA makes this information available.

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    If copyright terms were still the original 14 years, no one would have an issue. With copyrights now lasting well over a century, it has created a situation where the vast majority of copyrighted works have almost zero economic value and no one outside of Google has any interest in them. I understand the fears about Google, but it is Mark Twain and the Walt Disney Company who deserve the blame for this situation.

  • calmansi

    Without scrapping everything in the Settlement:

    A) The Registry search process should be improved for finding excerpts in collective works;
    B) The case of out-of-print collective works containing excerpts from works that are in copyright and commercially available should be addressed more clearly
    C) The print and copying restrictions should be scrapped; one of the great advantages of Google Book Search texts over, say, Amazon Kindle texts, is that they are in open formats: png for the text images, .txt for what the search engine scans. So why these silly restrictions that don’t work anyway(1), but just annoy legit readers?
    D) More time should be given to non US authors and rights holders. In several countries, information about the Settlement by the collection societies, the publishers and the media has been dismal, at times waylaying.

    (1) In the present version, when a Google Book under copyright is partially shown, if you want to download pages that do show, it is enough to “save the whole page” and then fish out the relevant images in the folder of “non-text obkects” thus created.