• jhuman

    Nice post!

    It sounds like duckduckgo.com would be a better choice for some if they have a problem with google search.

  • Neil

    While protecting the privacy of the Google Plus user, it now makes it more difficult for business owners to know how their website is getting found.

    Google is getting one step closer to monetizing their searches. When logged into Google Plus (via gmail, YouTube or any other Google owned site) the search results are no longer pure. Google is basing the results on the history of the user right now, but who is to say that they are not suppressing non-Google customers in the results.

    Are they now going to force business owners to use Google Analytics, which may become be the only way to view the search terms used to find their own sites?

    I think Google may be killing the golden goose as users begin to realize that Google is not giving pure results, and while claiming that this protects the identity of the user, they are actually gathering information about the users for their own devices.

  • http://www.andykuiper.com Andy Kuiper

    Not here in Canada… yet.
    I played with via .com – uhhhm, not sure what to think of it yet.
    Andy :-)