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    That has to be one of the key motives for Google’s purchase of AdMob – i.e. its ability to offer a package of PC (through DoubleClick) and mobile (through AdMob) display advertising (as well as PC and mobile search advertising) to both advertisers and publishers. It’s similar to AOL with its purchase Third Screen Media and Microsoft with its purchase of Screen Tonic, both in 2007, complementing their Internet ad networks. mobiThinking recently published a guide to mobile ad networks, profiling the leading ones with all available stats, which you may find useful: http://www.mobithinking.com/mobile-ad-network-guide

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    I’m surprised there aren’t more comments, Greg. This is an absolute watershed moment. There is another big implication: if you are a marketer (e.g. general marketer, like a Director of Marcom or a CMO) or a search marketing specialist, if you fail to gain a serious mobile background, you will become outdated and less useful for your on-going role. You might have said that became true with the advent of the iPhone, and that is true. But mobile was still for technology leaders. Google’s acquisition implies that the technology is now moving into the mainstream audiences.