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    What are the best practices “in their minds” for small business owners handling online reviews?

    How are the engines solving problems for “addressless” businesses? I know news has came up on Google today about a change, but it seems the change is a good way to remove your business from ranking well as “location prominence” still plays a vital roll in rankings.

    The #1 problem in the local space continues to be the relationship between listing centers and business owners. Nobody has mastered support for paying or non paying customers. What advances are being made to provide better support?

    How do the Engines feel about companies providing optimization for local? Do they want business owners to take responsibility for themselves?

    Sorry to go overboard on questions but those are a few I have been wondering as of late.

  • http://ItsTheROI.com Jonahstein

    I want them to make it easier to consolidate multiple listings. As hard as I try for clients with multiple location, there isn’t a simple way to canonicalize local listings or close locations that are not current.


  • http://ItsTheROI.com Jonahstein

    Beyond canonicalizing, the Google Local bulk upload only works if the business name is identical in all locations. What if the company is a home builder, for example, and each community or sub-division has its own name. Does it really help the user to have the same name on the map 10 times instead of the community they are building in?