• ddvelin

    Microsoft launched http://stopglobalwarming.msn.com/ quite some time ago. they are major supporters of the upcoming Live Earth concert.

    In addition to the ninemillion.org charity they set up for searches, they are running the I’M campaign, which allows users of Windows Live Messenger to choose from a list of charities (sierra club, stopglobalwarming.org, etc) and a donation will be made for every instant message conversation. you can learn more about that here: http://im.live.com/messenger/im/home/

    it looks like Yahoo! is just playing catchup, but i applaud their effort.


  • Carl Sarnstrand

    Congratulations to Yahoo for trying to be carbon free. Yahoo might be the world’s second carbon free search engine if they succeed in doing what they are planning. The world’s first search engine is Picsearch who launched its environmental program a month ago. You can read more about Picsearchs carbon free search here: http://www.picsearch.com/menu.cgi?pl=en&item=PR_20070322

    Best Regards
    Carl Sarnstrand