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    This seems like something they have been wanting to do for a while, remember Groupon stores?

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  • Tim Mayer

    While I think moving from an email program that has saturated the mind share of consumers with irrelevance to search which provides the purest form of user intent in the advertising world is a good move I see several challenges with this strategy:

    1) Search is lower down in the purchase funnel and different kinds of products are searched for rather than browsed or received in email. Users in search are in the mode of “i need an X” versus “I want to find a deal and I dont know what the X is yet”.

    2) As Greg mentions above there is a certain amount of comprehensiveness required so users will not do searches and get zero results. This is a similar problem as users have historically had in the grocery coupons space.

    3) A “local deals” search engine is not a clearly understood thing in the mind of the consumer. What goods and services are and are not included in the search?

    Groupon would be better off expanding and creating a larger more expansive search engine that would provide deals and coupons for all kinds of products and services.