• margarita rosario

    i just want to say happy birthay to google*** with all my heart*****weeeeeeeeeeeeeepa*

  • dawn richard

    I have made a score of 170.

  • Kathy Cooke

    HaPpY bIRtHdAy GoOgLe :)

  • Karlos

    HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY GOOGLE !!!! CONGRATULATIONS’ 15 years of best service and still going ..

  • Jacob

    183 :) Highest in the office

  • Irene Z.

    Goggle and I share a birthday!! No wonder I love it so much!! Happy birthday its a great day

  • Nandakumar Govindarajulu Ethir

    I made
    152 :-) nice stress buster games :-) happy birthday google.. i my life most of
    my search is through google.. Education,
    Job, Car, House…. Expect wife :-)

  • Everett


  • Kam Bam


  • af

    me 185

  • Joe Griffin


  • Mohanlal Garg

    163 my highest and o lowest

  • Dean

    i made it to 180!!!

  • Gmayne

    Wow I got 169 ): I’ve tried so many times, how do I better my score god damn it!@!!@!@!@!@ oh and.. HBD Google, we love you.

  • Sahil Raj

    164 :)

  • Arthur

    Dear Google. I hope you have been good. It is time to get you your very own permit to drive. Next year you will be an adult in a few of the 50 states. So proud of my little guy :)

  • Ashish panwar

    I scored 177.

  • That guy

    HOWWWWWWWWWWWW. I can only get 179

  • Wolfyy Chobot

    172 lol

  • Nigel Crook

    Happy Happy birthday google you made seaching easy

  • Nigel Crook

    Happy Happy Birthday GOOGLE YOU made searching very easy keep up the good work may you be there for generations to come

  • Himynameis

    290! here

  • Rebecca

    My high score 175 but I’m trying to beat that.

  • james plummer

    172 yay

  • boston scoops

    I got 179…amateurs

  • drew

    my high score is 164

  • drew

    my high score is 164

  • Carter Watson

    180! Did it during class

  • Ruben

    got 175

  • Chris Scarponi

    188, highest in the world..what do i win?

  • Justin Charlebois

    I think he works for google…

  • Justin Charlebois

    177 after an hour…. nice waste of time there.

  • prabha

    i got 173 ……

  • prabha

    am also touch 180 ..!!!

  • James Rapanos
  • Abhishek Bhanot

    Got it 188… :)

  • Poekoko

    I made 177 woo ya

  • Tomaj Javidtash

    I did 172

  • Phillip

    If you get a very high score Google will actually send you the soft chew candies you win via an email coupon which you can take to your local Google corner market. And some lucky winners will also get a coupon for a six pack of Googa Gola in the super king size 10 oz. bottles made with real Googa cane sugar from Cuba. No joke this is for real!

  • Carl Johnson

    you wish lol. if you’re gonna lie choose a better number than that :)

  • RoB68

    Me also.

  • Meow2496

    High score of 176…got it like 5 times

  • Shasta Harvey

    My highest score was 149 but, it took me like 2 hours LOL and my 4 year old daughter got the highest score of 153 , taking her only 10 minutes Hahaha

  • tsnm8888


  • David Stewart

    I can only get to 175! Happy birthday!

  • Daniel Rojas


  • Jethro Padernos

    happy birthday google!

  • Denise Escalera

    173 :P

  • beast

    i got 180

  • karan

    my score is 183