• http://www.solaswebdesign.net Miriam

    Hi Matt,
    I think your time, money, knowledge equation is just right.

    Of these 3, I believe education is the most critical factor.

    One of the things I seem to say most to small business owners is that the small business owner’s education is what makes the difference between success and failure. Luckily, the small business owner need only invest time to achieve education, because so many of the ‘answers’ are out there on the Internet about how search engines work, how other companies are marketing themselves, etc. These answers are free for anyone to read, if they can invest the time.

    But, if they can’t invest the time, they have to be able to invest the money to hire someone who has spent the time becoming educated about this.

    So, I’d say, if you don’t have money, you’ve got to have time. If you don’t have time, you’ve got to have money.

    Great post, Matt. I really enjoyed this!
    Kind Regards,

  • http://www.smallbiztrends.com Anita Campbell

    Hi Matt,

    I always advocate that business owners and staff in small businesses learn about SEO and online marketing. Because you can’t be an active part of marketing your business today unless you have a baseline of knowledge about the Web and how to get found on it.

    Today even if you have what you consider to be a “local” business, the Web usually plays a role. In my talks I explain it as the slingshot effect. Done right, your offline marketing can help you do more business online, and your online marketing can cross over and help you do more business in the physical world. It’s like standing in one state or province, and using a slingshot to hit something across the state line. You just have to aim in the right direction.


  • http://www.gotmedia.com HawksM

    The agility that small businesses have because they don’t have to wait for ideas to get approved is a definite advantage. That advantage can save money and wasted time. I think it is important that a small business owner learns at least the basics of SEO/SEM. If they are outsourcing, which they should be, it helps them understand the work involved and more importantly the benefits. I think SEO/SEM professionals have a responsibility to educate as well. It is just good business, after all a relationship is being built between small business and SEO/SEM professionals. I feel knowledge is the key to success, I also think it can save time and money in the long run. So keep the discussion and education going Matt. It helps us all.